Detail from a "A mapp of New England", by John Heller, published by John Hills, 1675.  See
complete map at:
      More than a decade of experience researching New England
      ancestry from colonial times to the 1900s. Experience in all
      New England states and New York.

      Convenient geographic location just outside Boston, with
      easy access to:

              New England Historic Genealogical Society
              National Archives and Records Administration (Northeast)
              Massachusetts Archives
              Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
              Boston Public Library

  Board-certified genealogist since July 2010

  Member of the
Association for Professional Genealogists.
"And then there is the
work!  If the genealogical
bug once bites you, you
are a doomed man, and
never again will you be
happy except when
attempting to trace the
elusive ancestor."

-- Donald Lines Jacobus,
Genealogy as Pastime
and Profession
Edition Revised),
p. 41, copyright 1968 by
Genealogical Publishing
Co., Inc.
New England Cousins
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